Faith- A Gift and Grace from God

“Many have a certain imagination of faith. They think no farther than that faith is a thing which is in their own power to have, as do other natural works which men do. . . . But the right faith springeth not of man’s fantasy, neither is it in any man’s power to obtain it; but it is altogether the pure gift of God without deserving and merits, yea, without our seeking for it, even faith is God’s gift and grace. . . . Faith rooteth herself in the hearts of the elect.

Is it not. . . . perverse blindness to teach how a man can do nothing of his own self, and yet presumptuously take upon them the greatest and highest work of God, even to make faith in themselves of their own power, and of their own false imaginations and thoughts?

Therefore, I say, we must despair of ourselves and pray to God to give us faith.”
William Tyndale