Three indispensable disciplines

Paul Washer: ‘For the young Christian -There are three indispensable disciplines -the Word, Prayer, and Separation.’


The Cross

“The cross is not a sign of our great worth, but of our great depravity… that we were so evil that the only way we could be saved is by God’s Son being crushed under the full force of the wrath that was due us.”
Paul Washer

Cultural Sensitivity- To The Wind With It

“All this emergent church stuff, much of the church growth stuff, all the cultural sensitivity throwing out the window biblical sensitivity, it’s just a bunch of little boys wanting to play church without the power of God on their life, and I’ll stand on that statement. It’s a lesser than David trying to fit himself in Saul’s armor. To the wind with it. The more you trust in the arm of the flesh, the less you’re going to see of the power of God.”
Paul Washer

The Inspiration and, equally important, Sufficiency of the Scriptures

“I’m going to tell you this, on judgment day, I would rather be standing in the group of liberal politicians waiting to receive my judgment than I would be wanting to stand in the group with conservative pastors in the United States of America, and I mean that.

You can thump this bible all day long, you can talk all sorts of things, but when you stand up and you can’t even give a biblical invitation do not talk to me about the inspiration of Scripture. When you deal with men’s hearts with trivial little credal prayers and superstitious nonsense, dont talk to me about the infallibility of Scripture unless you’re going to also say its sufficient to teach me how to invite men to Christ.”
Paul Washer 

Is It Lived Out?

“Be careful… those of us who concern ourselves with theology. The young men who think theology is extremely important… and they are right… but be very, very careful. With all your learning… what is your opinion of Jesus… and is that opinion lived out? Is it lived out?”
Paul Washer