When’s the last time you were moved by Christ?

When’s the last time your heart, yes your affections were moved by Christ? Where u read something that made u LONG for Him? That made u desire Him more? When’s the last time while praying u lost track of time or was upset because time flew so fast? We are His bride, we were purchased by His blood that we might know Him, that we might enjoy His presence, that we might rest in Him!!!!
         ~Julius Mickel


Romans 1 is not suggesting men…

Romans 1 is not suggesting men know there is ‘something’ out there, or simply an Intelligent Designer, rather it declares men KNOW enough of the ONE TRUE GOD to be condemned for their rejection of Him! As to ‘atheism’, it simply doesn’t exist & besides even the so-called ‘atheist’ has replaced the Lord with him/herself-none reject God unknowingly or involuntarily 
     ~Julius Mickel