Irresistible Grace

“The doctrine of irresistible grace is easily understood. Once we understand the condition of man in sin, that he is dead, enslaved to a corrupt nature, incapable of doing what is pleasing to God, we can fully understand the simple assertion that God must raise the dead sinner to life. That is all, really, the phrase means: it has nothing to do with sinners rebelling against God and ‘resisting’ Him in that way. It has nothing to do with the fact that Christians often resist God’s grace in their lives when they sin against Him. No, irresistible grace means one thing: God raises dead sinners to life.”
James R. White from The Potter’s Freedom


Evidentialism vs Presuppositional Apologetics

“From my perspective, using a defective epistemology and a defective world view to try to slowly nudge someone toward the proper worldview is itself a compromise, and it’s unnecessary. It’s unnecessary because it comes from a theology that thinks that it’s my job to convince somebody to adopt my position rather than the Spirit of God’s job to bring about regeneration.”
James R. White

“tickets punched”

Those who have had their “tickets punched” and have been assured, mistakenly, of their salvation solely due to something they did, a card they filled out, a prayer they recited, are some of the hardest people in the world to reach with the real message of repentance and faith. ~ James White